CanineActiv is excited to partner with Adopt-a-Dog of Armonk, New York for a special online event. Adopt-a-Dog is a dog and cat rescue that has been serving Connecticut and New York for thirty years.

The event is “Sponsor-a-Pet,” an online contest featuring five of Adopt-a-Dog’s adoptable pets. While Adopt-a-Dog has many adoptable dogs, the rescue’s President Allyson Halm has chosen five dogs less likely than others to be adopted quickly.

There’s Daisy, a senior dog who can be grumpy around other dogs, but would make a great companion for a human in a controlled environment. Then there’s Barney, who is only nine months old. Barney, a beagle-bulldog mix, can be a handful, but would do well with an experienced handler. Kara is an active girl who would love to go home with a runner / hiker / Frisbee thrower. Brianne weighs in at only 20 pounds and needs a human who understands fear-based aggression. And last but certainly not least, Karma is a bit of a miracle dog. This sweet young pit bull was found on the streets, nearly dead. The dog lovers at Adopt-a-Dog nursed her back to health and now she is thriving!

You can view these dogs together on the new Sponsor-a-Pet page, and you can vote for one of these sweet pups. The dog that gets the most votes will be crowned the winner, and CanineActiv will sponsor this dog for the rest of its time in the rescue.

Allyson hopes this project will draw attention to rescue pet sponsorship. Adopt-a-Dog has many regular sponsors, people who can’t adopt necessarily adopt new dogs, but who still want to help. Sponsors choose from levels ranging from $10 to $100 per month. This also helps people help animals they aren’t necessarily located close to geographically. Adopt-a-Dog sponsors can help New York and Connecticut dogs from anywhere on earth.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, Allyson and her team will help you as much as possible to find the dog that is right for you. They guide you through every step of the process and encourage multiple visits before adoption to make sure every new pairing is a good fit.

So if you’re in the area and looking for a new best friend, Adopt-a-Dog is a great place to start. And if you’re looking to sponsor a dog without adopting, you can do so here. And don’t forget to vote for the dog you want CanineActiv to sponsor! Allyson says, “We are grateful for CanineActiv’s willingness to jump on board. I think it’s a great opportunity. We are really excited to be working with CanineActiv!”