Dr. Drew Olson is a Nebraskan veterinarian who recently became the National Director of the Veterinary Compounding Division of Essential Pharmacy Compounding, a subdivision of Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare.

Through his work in treating animals and now in his new position, Dr. Olson has become an expert regarding Multimodal treatment. Doctors and veterinarians use Multimodal treatment to look at a patient’s overall situation and simultaneously treat a condition with more than one approach. Often, through Multimodal treatment, a patient is able to take less medication by taking multiple, strategically varied medications and employing non-drug treatment options.


The Multimodal Treatment diagram is as an example of the successful treatment options vets are coordinating for canines. A combination of movement, medications, and supplements can work to treat conditions like osteoarthritis in dogs. CanineActiv is a pain reliever that treats inflammation, so vets like Dr. Olson see it playing a significant role in the Multimodal treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.

Like humans, every dog is different, so there isn’t likely to be a single treatment that is best for all cases of osteoarthritis. The best treatment is probably going to be a combination of things. Dr. Olson also stresses that because aspirin and ibuprofen-type drugs in high amounts can damage a dog’s kidneys or liver, using CanineActiv in their stead will reduce the chance of complications or negative side effects.

Dr. Drew urges dog owners to always keep their veterinarian in the loop when it comes to giving their dogs anything. Always run a new medication or supplement by your veterinarian first and make sure you are working as a team when it comes to the health of your animals.