Pain Relief Testimonials

Our poor old Rocco had really slowed down in the past year. He was having a bit of a difficult time getting up and down the stairs, getting up and down from his bed, and had begun going straight to bed after dinner, while the rest of the family (including 2 other dogs) spent our evenings together. Sadly, he was no longer our happy-go-lucky pup.

We started Rocco on CanineActiv about 6 weeks ago, and our playful young man is back. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in his mobility and couldn’t be more delighted. He’s back to chasing squirrels (the squirrels are not as delighted) staying up to spend evenings with the family, and clearly feeling like his chipper old self again.

Thanks for giving us our happy-go-lucky boy back, and so quickly! Your CanineActiv is terrific stuff!

Erica S.
El Dorado Hills, CA

My German Shepherd at 2 yrs old was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in both hips. He’s 4 now and after adding the right supplements and CanineActiv, my boy is off his Deramaxx pain pill and only taking safe supplements and I could not be more pleased with the CanineActiv replacing the dangerous pain meds.

Wendy P.

I ordered CanineActiv for my schnauzer who was experiencing hip and leg pain. He was keeping us awake at night with the constant licking. He licked so much he removed a lot of the hair from his hind quarters. I gave him 2 CanineActiv pills and within 30 minutes he calmed down and we finally had a good night sleep. He slept all night. He now flies up and down the steps and runs like he used to.

This is a wonder pill that I will keep giving my pet. If anyone is on the fence about trying this product…order it and you will be surprised and amazed at what it does for your pet.

Elaine K.
Weirton, WV

My very active 4 yr old Golden Retriever limped all summer. We got some prescription meds at the vet but they had a doping effect. The vet said surgery would be the next option. At about that time a neighbor told me about CanineActiv and gave me some samples. After the first capsule, we noticed a major improvement. The next day my dog was completely healed and has not limped anymore. The great thing is that no surgery and no more prescription drugs will be needed!

Diane S.
Blairsville, GA

I have a couple whippets that are getting older (littermates, 13 years old) and one started having real pain and weakness in her back legs, so bad that it looked like she had Parkinson’s because her haunches and legs shook so bad. She no longer would jump up on the couch or bed like she used to but, since taking CanineActiv, her legs no longer shake and she can jump up again like before. That’s a huge improvement. Her brother was really excited recently and jumped up and landed wrong and was really in a lot of pain in his neck and back. I gave him 4 pills a day and it really reduced the pain, down to 2 capsules per day now and he’s doing much better like his sister. Definitely less pain for both of them. Thanks for a great product!

Campobello, SC

CanineActiv really works, and it works fast! My Australian Shepherd is about 9 years old and has bad hips and had difficulty getting up and down. I gave CanineActiv to her and within about 2 hours she was like a new dog!

W. C.
Poulsbo, WA

What a great product! My wife found your website and it was a blessing for our dog.

We have always tried to use all natural products for healing (Including our pet). Our dog just had an accident where he jumped off our bed and after the landing came up limp in his right leg.

We had done some research and we were hoping he would heal after a couple of days. We held off taking him to the vet because we knew they would prescribe something harsh to his system and that would have been our last option. Enter your product, CanineActiv. We studied the information on your website, and not only did your product help alleviate the pain but it also promoted healing in an all natural way without any harmful side effects. We called the representative to get more information regarding your product. She was very polite and informative, helping us to feel the product was legit and had great results. She offered to send us a sample to try and we accepted. 2 days later (super quick) we received the product. We gave two pills to our dog wrapped up in a banana which he loves and did this for 4 days. We noticed several hours after he took the first pill the pain was reduced. After the 2 dosages (next day) the limp on our dog was noticeably less. After 4 days his limp was gone and we could not believe it. REMARKABLE.

Just wanted again to thank you for helping heal our prize possession. We have spoken with some of our friends who have dogs and have shared our experience about your product with them and gave them the link to your website.


Thank you.

James S.
North Ft. Myers, FL

I saw your offer of a free sample online for my dog KOKO who had bad pain in his leg and back. I was reluctant to give him drugs which might destroy his stomach and organs, but he needed help. Just like you said I would notice a difference during the free two week trial. You have given Koko his life back! Thank you!

Bob C.
Santa Paula, CA

Jake, my 13 yr. old golden retriever, is doing remarkably well on CanineActiv!!! And he is like a young man all over again. Thanks to you and your company!

Chandra K.
Felton, CA

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