Indoor Dog Sports for the Winter Months: Part I – Flyball!


It may be cold and miserable outside, but our dogs still need to exercise. But don’t despair! When it comes to indoor dog sports, dogs and their owners do have choices. This post is the first in a three-part series, so stay tuned for even more ideas!


This is a team sport for dogs that involves a timed relay race. The dogs run down a 51-foot straightaway with four low hurdles and step on a spring-loaded box that ejects a tennis ball. The ball must be caught and then run back over the four hurdles to the start/finish line where the next dog in the team takes off and repeats the process. All four dogs must run the course without mistakes.

Tournaments are done in either round robin or double elimination style. The hurdles are set to 4” below the shoulder height of the smallest dog on the team; however, there is a minimum hurdle height of 8” and a maximum of 16.”

The world record is currently held by SpringLoaded, who ran in 15.43 seconds. If you haven’t been to see Flyball in action, it is a great spectator sport, even if it doesn’t sound like it’s right for your particular dog.

This article reprinted with permission from Mile High Dog Magazine, Greenwood Village, CO

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