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After watching Bird Dogs Afield I decided to try your product on my English Cocker. Last year (2013) after a ruffed grouse hunt my little dog was pretty tired and sore. She is very athletic and loves to jump up on my lap in the evenings after the hunt. She was so sore she wasn’t able to do that and I had to lift her up onto my lap and also into her kennel in between hunting spots. This year however was a different story, I started with your product every other day a couple weeks before the hunting trip and daily during the trip. We (I) walked a lot of miles (9-12) daily with the longest day being 16 miles (I’m sure the miles she put on beating the brush was a lot more). That was all measured using a gps not just guessing. The difference was amazing! She is a year older (8) and her stamina and agility was noticeably better, even to my hunting friends, who commented on the difference. She was able to jump in her kennel after each trail and jump up on my lap nightly with enthusiasm. I used the performance product with the creatine and will definitely continue to use it. I fed this same food as last year and we exercise regularly during the year to try and keep in shape for the hunting season. The only thing different as far as I can see is the addition of your supplement. I feel it made a big difference. Thanks!

Leland B.
Aurora, CO

I just returned from hunting prairie birds in Montana. Dogs run big in the prairie. Four years ago, our five year old was finished after two consecutive days. This year, at the age of nine, we gave him CanineActiv High Performance and he held up for four consecutive days and was anxious to go the fifth day if we hunted. We owe the extra endurance and quick recovery to the CanineActiv. Just ask our nine year old German shorthair, it works.

Paul Fuller
Host, Bird Dogs Afield TV

I have given your CanineActiv product to three of my older Penn-Marydel foxhounds the last three times the pack has hunted and my staff and I have seen good results. These older hounds are about eleven years old and are probably nearing their last seasons. They have been falling out on long runs and have been left in the dust behind the younger hounds. However, on the CanineActiv they are running with the others and recovering as fast as the younger hounds.

Albert M.
Fox and hound hunting expert
Nashville, TN

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