• What is the best way to give Canine Activ capsules to your dog?
    For maximum effectiveness the pills should be swallowed whole.
  • What if your dog chews the pills?
    Canine Activ works best when it swallowed whole so it is absorbed though the stomach. Also, the capsule’s contents are bitter tasting.
  • What if I cannot get my dog to swallow pills?
    We suggest you hide the Canine Activ capsule is your dog’s favorite snack, like a piece of cheese or a cut up meat.
  • Can I mix Canine Activ with my dog's food?
    This is not recommended since it will lose effectiveness if it contacts water, and your dog will not like the bitter taste…
  • How does Canine Activ compare to other dog pain relievers?
    Canine Activ starts a repair process as soon as it is absorbed into the affected cells and it works within a few days compared to other pain relievers, which can take weeks or months to show results.
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