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Safe, Effective Pain Relief for Dogs

CanineActiv relieves pain and inflammation while promoting healthy, natural healing and repair of damaged tissue for dogs of any breed.

CanineActiv Safe Pain Relief contains the anti-inflammatory ingredient, Alpha-GEE®, a unique compound made of naturally occurring amino acids found in natural sources and endogenous to a dog’s body. They are part of a dog’s normal healing process and CanineActiv helps optimize restoration of healthy mobility. CanineActiv’s manufacturer, Vireo Systems, Inc, also makes AminoActiv®, which utilizes Alpha-GEE®, and it is becoming the #1 alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs for humans.

CanineActiv HP for High Performance Breeds is ideal for hunting and working dogs whose daily regimens consist of vigorous exercises over long periods of time. CanineActiv HP promotes endurance and mobility and helps dogs recover more quickly from intense exercise. In addition to safe supplements for muscle strength, endurance and anti-lactic acid buildup, CanineActiv HP contains the safe anti-inflammatory ingredient, Alpha-GEE®, to ward off pain and soreness.

Scientific Research

  • In cooperation with a group of veterinarian clinics, researchers studied the effectiveness of active ingredients in CanineActiv for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. Employing a placebo group for comparison, dogs taking CanineActiv showed significant improvements in mobility and pain relief over the course of the study. The findings also demonstrated that CanineActiv delivered rapid results.


  • In an open label study, researchers assessed a group of dogs with joint and mobility problems. The dogs’ owners administered CanineActiv and after one month, the owners reported that CanineActiv was (1) better than joint supplements and (2) basically as effective as prescription based medications (but without drug toxicity concerns).


  • A major university veterinary school conducted animal studies to assess the safety of CanineActiv’s anti-inflammatory ingredient, Alpha-GEE®. Even at super-therapeutic levels (30 times normal dosages), Apha-GEE® produced no negative side effects. The safety data was submitted to the FDA which acknowledged and allowed its sale and use in the marketplace.
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